A Shopify app to clear slow moving inventory profitably


Been in the game for a few years and clients have been running into this issue constantly. 


Shoppers are behaving differently and have come to expect discounts. It’s hard to know what they’ll actually pay for so we do clearance sales and seasonal sales, but that still results in 60%+ abandonment rates


This is why we’re building Cohort. It’s an app to help you sell out inventory instantly and profitably by letting shoppers preauthorize payments for items they like at prices they feel comfortable paying.


We identify shoppers who abandon items they seem to like and trigger a beautiful shopping experience used to make an offer. This captures preauthorizations that you as a merchant are free to accept at the margins that work for your current context.


As a merchant, you decide which offers to activate, giving you a brand new way to sell out any inventory you want without ever having to compromise on profit margins ever again. 


Preauthorization Demo Video


We’re excited to have completed the product and we’re welcoming our first batch of pilot stores. 


Our plans are to make the app available to the greater Shopify app store this month.


If you’d like to get free access in exchange for feedback, please let us know by signing up for beta access at http://www.usecohort.com