A new Kind of Review App

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I often see shops, especially dropshipping shops, that use the same picture photoshopped into different scenes or only have one picture of the product. I can't tell how big the product is or how it looks in reality. I think that's why reviews with pictures are so popular. Even if the shop has professional product pictures I tend to look at the pictures in the reviews, because the professional pictures are likely edited and look different than reality. Getting picture reviews on all of your products isn't easy, because you need a lot of sales and may need to provide discounts to motivate customers to create reviews.


As a customer I don't care who takes the pictures, I just want to see how it would look like in reality or on a phone camera. Sure you could take pictures with your phone and put them besides the professional pictures of your product, but then it would look like you sell used products or the shop feels less professional. To solve this create an extra section above your customer reviews and name it Shop Review or something, to disclose the pictures are taken by the shop, and put the phone pictures in that section. Now you have the professional or photoshopped pictures from your supplier at the top. If the customer scrolls down he expects unprofessional pictures of how the product really looks and sees your Shop Review section.


You might be temped to create a fake review, but this really hurts the trust in your shop. Imagine you have a new shop and only have one review with pictures for every product. That does look pretty sketchy, but if you disclose with a section that the pictures are from your shop it looks more honest.


So I would recommend get your hands of every product you sell and take pictures with your phone. Show all sides of the product, all parts that are included and if the product has a nice packaging take a picture of that too. Don't try to make them too professional, but also get a good light and make sure the pictures are not blurry or shaky. If you sell a product with screws included, then I want to see a picture of that! It may be a lot of work, but it will ease the buy decision and if will differentiate you from your competitors.


Thats why I made a Shopify App for this: Honest View