A quantity discount app, but that works with Shopify's discounts

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Hi All,

To put it simply, I need a quantity break / quantity discount app. I've looked on the marketplace but can't find one that suits our needs, so I'm hoping someone can help. There's a few requirements that I need:

1. it needs to work with Shopify's discount codes (or have it's own discount codes feature)

2. it can't use product variants (we use inventory tracking)

3. ideally, we'd like to be able to use the price variable in liquid (so, it can be used in operations)

I hope someone has come across something that does the above!

Kind regards,


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Hi, @Kieron I'm currently using this app for my store, it's really user-friendly and has a variety of themes, also it has a countdown timer. You can create a discount for all products or some specific products depend on your need. I hope you will find it useful as I did, this app call Discount Master ‑ Quantitya1707f761c930faab4573429662c6b56.jpg