A true about creating sticky call to action buttons for mobile devices

I have a passion for coding. Each day, I spend nine to eleven hours to be in front of the computer screen for coding, debugging and discussing coding practices with my coworkers - programmers. I also fell in love with e-commerce. 


A few months ago, I get impressive by amazing data that more and more consumers prefer to use their smartphones to complete their entire online shopping process from researching to buying. 


As a person who is obsessed with making customers' experiences better, I come up with some questions. How can online stores make mobile shopping experiences more interesting and comfortable for shoppers? How can retailers go mobiles and increase sales?


I go to the Shopify community to get more ideas, and amazingly, I see some questions related to creating sticky add to cart buttons. I wonder whether a person without coding knowledge can still create sticky buttons? Is it possible to create sticky buttons for different purposes? 


Fortunately, after hard-working days, I and our enthusiastic developers successfully create CTA Now app:




I just want to express my gratitude to the community here. It is a great forum for merchants, partners, and experts, as well as people looking to know more about Shopify in general.  

Here you can find useful and excellent ideas to develop apps and themes for Shopify stores as well as build great stores for merchants. The Shopify community offers you many resources to help you grow every day.


Thank you for reading my story. All the improvement suggestions from all of you are welcomed! <3

Happy new year!

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