AB testing homepage, product arrangement, copy

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I plan to test a few variations:

1. homepage (different images)

2. copy

3. product alignment (e.g. first product shoppers see is X, then Y)

I assume there will be at least 5-8 variations I would need to test. Any suggestion on an app that allows to A/B test all these elements?

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Various options in the App Store. You could also use Google Tag Manager (example).

Would be a nice project to create a custom app for too.

Just trying to help out.
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@Toipal you can use Theme Scientist to A/B test themes or product page attributes.

You duplicate your live theme, then make the edits on the second theme, then the app swaps them at the interval you choose plus calculates the stats of each.

For #3, you might have to integrate some custom JavaScript into your theme... I think the way I would approach is to set it up by sort. For example testing "best sellers" vs "new arrivals". Then on page load, have some code that sets the sort order based on whether it's theme A or B.

I recommend only testing 1 element at a time for more accurate results (rather than 3 different areas, because then you can't be sure which change affected the conversion rate).

My team built that app Theme Scientist, so we can help you get set up if you need it, just contact us through the app listing and ask for Joe: https://apps.shopify.com/theme-scientist

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