AI powered Store Customer Manager called Easy

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Easy is virtual assistant designed to boost store business metrics.

Increase revenue, conversion rate, retention, customer lifetime value, average order value, positive reviews count, search experience and customer happiness.

Decrease Shopping cart abandonment rate and customer support costs.


But Easy sale AI is a user-first project. We are trying to design awesome user experience by combining bots in messengers and web technologies with the help of the dialogue engine, machine learning, psychology and best UX practices. Our goal is to make users’ purchases as fast, simple and convenient as possible.



  1. Easy analyzes your information about products, including text and pictures, and obtains store knowledge from it. You can train AI and modify its knowledge using simple questions and answers about your business.
  2. Easy can communicate with your customers on social networks and in messengers at all stages of the purchase from the selection of goods to informing them about the status of the parcel and receiving feedback.
  3. Easy translates the dialogue to the employee when they encounter a non-sensitive question or situation.


Like J.A.R.V.I.S for Tony, but for you store customers.

What does business receive in addition to it?

Easily configurable and robust AI business assistant.

Two-way persistent communication channel with your store customers.

Single-window solution for communication in instant messages inside Shopify.

Cross-sell, Up-sell and AI product recommendations based on customers’ purchasing history, interests and product views (Planned)

A set of ready-made widgets for your site, with an opportunity to change visual design (Planned)

Visual conversation designer(Planned)

Award-based flexible referral system(Planned)


What do store customers receive?

An effective way to shop and receive support in a familiar environment.

Awesome AI based search experience. Easy helps search goods by photo and finds synonyms, related words, products, collections and tags.

Combining the experience of instant messages with simple pages (product catalog).

The information on order status.

Uber-like address selection.

Flexible settings of the information received when using the dialogue.

The desire to return to the store. Unless of course you mess up with the service :)


Supported communication platforms

  • Facebook messenger
  • Telegram
  • WEB
  • API
  • Skype (Planned)
  • Viber (Planned)
  • (Planned)
  • Line (Planned)
  • We can add more platforms by request


Who are we looking for?

At this stage, we need to find several partners for early testing. In return, we offer generous use grants after testing. Interested?


Tell us about your store and ask questions

Telegram @maxbaluev

Skype @Max_Baluev

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Please leave feedback, we need to understand the needs.