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Hi - I'm wondering if an app that does the following exist.  First, some context:

One of the payment options I offer my customers is to pay via Bank Transfer.  In my current workflow, once a customer puts an order in, I create an invoice (manually), then email it to them through gmail (via shop's email address).  At the moment I am doing this all outside of Shopify.  I am looking for a way to minimize, or even fully automate this process.  Some requirements would be:

- Create a custom Invoice template and email template.  I need to add the company bank account information to the invoice, along with the order details and VAT details. 

- Create an invoice based on my template and the unique customer order details.  Then email the template along with an attached Invoice to the customer.  Ideally this process would be automatic and triggered every time a customer choose the bank transfer payment option.  But even just having to push a button to trigger the process would be ok.

So does something like this exist already?  


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@MaximS ,

It will certainly be possible, do you use QuickBooks by any chance?  Otherwise a custom script can be written to create the invoice based on trigger

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