APP Owner Exchanging Refunds for Review Removal

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I installed an app on my store to see how it could help me. My store is not open and I signed up for the free plan. However, I have been billed by the app owner. 


I left a review of the app and stated that I was charged. The app owner reached out to me via email and told me that "if I removed my review, then and only then would he issue me a refund. Is this how app owners on the Shopify platform keep their ratings high? Only give refunds if negative reviews are removed? If so, this leaves a bad taste in my mouth about using Shopify moving forward for my store. This is basically a form of extortion and very dishonest for the new people coming to the Shopify platform.


I hope someone on the Shopify team can clarify this for me, because at this point, I don't like what I see.

Shopify Partner
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No. Absolutely not, this should not be done and is not only terrible customer service but against ToS. In most cases if you were treated properly you would likely go and remove or update the review on your own. Sorry to hear this has happened to you. Not every developer/company embodies the same principles as apps like TxtCart and PushOwl that focus so highly on customer support and doing what's right :)