APP for early access to product via link

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Hi All

Im new to shopify. Is there app or something i can use. We are about to release a new product and i would like to include like early release via email.


Is there such app that does that?

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Hi @babesboars ,


Welcome to Shopify and congrats on your new product release!


Early release email? Hmm, is your new product already published on your storefront? Do you only want a list of customers to access and buy those products? You can easily export your customer list and send a bulk email using an email marketing tool like Mailchimp. There's another popular marketing app called Klaviyo that integrates well with Shopify. 


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Hey @babesboars,

i not sure if i get it right. What your looking about exactly?

  • Do you ask for an App which provides preselected customers early access to your shop? 
  • You want to send a link with an Unlock Code of your Shop Frontpage to selected customers via mail in a certain period prior your drop?

Thats what i am looking for as well : )

Help would be highly appreciated!


Thanks in advice!

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Im also looking for an app that allows me to offer pre sales to a select group of customers - does anyone have a suggestion for this?