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I have been in the process of migrating from BigCommerce to Shopify for about a year and the whole COVID thing shut down my progress for a few months on top of that. We now are at a point where Cart2Cart has successfully migrated all of my products, customers and orders and we are not making any product changes until we are fully utilizing the new store. At that point we will do a recent data migration to bring over the new customers and orders for the interim time period. I have been struggling to figure out what APPs will fulfill the needs that I have and at this point I have tried too many and there is residual code in the files that is causing isses. My plan is to start over with a clean installation of my theme and hopefully you can help guide me to the correct APPs and get to a complete working storefront. Mainly I need a bundling or kitting APP that will work with a couple of strange product configurations and I also need to be able to give special pricing to clients based on groups. I think that BOLD APPs will handle both of these issues but I would also like input from experts that have more knowledge of the platforma and APPs available. We have Rewind-Backups, ShipStation, ShopSync(MailChimp) and Smile: Rewards & Loyalty installed that will need to be added to the clean theme installation also. Once up and running I want to add Glew: Multichannel Analytics and Zoho to the mix.

I am not sure if there are experts willing to pick up a project that is already started but I am coming to the conclusion that I do not have any prior experience in this platform and definitely need some help. I was building stores 20 years ago with open source code so I use to have a clue but I have been using other platforms for the last 10+ years due to PCI compliance and things have changed a lot. I have handle some basic code editing but typically rely on guidance from people smarter than me these days. I do want to be involved in the project so that I learn more about the platform and have a better understanding for the future. Is this something that you think you can help me with then please get in touch.

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Hey OF!
I think you will find more than a few experts around to work with you on a previously started project.
Depending on how you are planning to do your kitting, and more importantly how you MANAGE KIT INVENTORY (ie. do Kit components go in and out of stocK) will impact your selection of Apps and your install / setup process in a big way.

What inventory management system do you guys use on the back end?
Are you planning to integrate you inventory system with Shopify in the future?

We run a skate brand that has a huge number of custom selectable components (which constantly go in and out of stock) that required finding interconnected solutions.  We DID land on Bold Product options but then ran into a bigger issue: How do we mark those options in and out of stock efficiently on 30+ Kit products each encompassing perhaps 20,000 possible variations? (all inventoried options / configurations)

What I will say is that the efforts to eventually link our product options (front end customer facing) to our inventory on the backend ended up being the REAL bulk of the work. Primarily this was because we were not adequately keeping track of that side of things to even have an up-to-date count to rely on. 

As of now we ARE up and running with our inventory tracked and changes totally automated (reliably) after 20 some-odd years on everything from Magento to WooCommerce to NetSol Commerce to MonsterCommerce before that.  This is the first time it actually works.  

Without looking at your brand and full business stack I can't say for sure whether the 5-15 hours of moonlighting / consulting hours that I do weekly would be enough to expect to complete the project quickly but regardless I wanted to pass along that I think you are on the right track.

Inventory is for sure the name of the game (and more important / difficult than everything else put together) if the Kits you are building are inventoried items that frequently go in and out-of-stock.  Would love to hear more about the project!