APP that hides sold out variants

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As of this moment, I can only find apps that hide out completly sold out products (all variants).

Is there a app that only hides out sold out variants?


Cheers :)

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Hey there! I think Locksmith could sort this out for you, using a custom lock that targets variants with an inventory quantity of 0.

You can install the app at, and from there, use the in-app chat button (or email to ask for a hand putting together that custom lock. The team there will be glad to help you. :)


I made Locksmith and Mechanic. :)
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Hi Isaac,

just wrote a message, let's see if it helps :)


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I see that Isaac had suggested Locksmith for you :) It's a great app, and I would love to hear what they message back!
As you've mentioned in this forum post the tutorial we have (hide variants that are sold out) no longer works on sectioned themes.

If the app solution doesn't work, it seems another set of community members finagled an option back in March of 2017. Check out the forum post here
I checked with our theme team, and they did mention that this would be outside the scope of theme support/design time that we offer. That being said, we do have access to Shopify Experts for you to seek out some extra help :)

Was there anything else you were working on? We have this new blog post that has some amazing tips for generating sales! (Even if you've already made your first!) How to Get Your First Sale In 30 Days: A Marketing Checklist For New Entrepreneurs touches on things from discount codes to connecting with existing audiences and more! It's a great resource.

I hope this helps :)

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No need of an app here, just a little code editing. I got great and fast help from Tim, a coder. He did the trick for a small fee. Just ask him to apply it to your store.

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IF you have only 1 type of variant, it is very easy. You can simply edit your product liquid template and add "if" condition, and it will work.

{% if variant.available == true %}
{% endif %}

But, if you have 2 or 3 types of variants like:
Color and Size
then things get bit complicated. You will need shopify expert. You can contact us at