Access to Orders and Customers from 3rd party apps

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Hi, I am thinking of adding some products using a third party App for drop shipping, but most apps say they need access to orders and customers and collections. Since I already have a lot of data from my other channels, I was wandering if these third party apps will have access to all my data or only the data related to that channel.

You I kind of don't want to see everything I am doing. If they have access to everything is there a way of blocking all access or do I have to open another shopify account?


Thanks for the help

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This is an accepted solution.


If you provide access to your store using a private app then you can specify what data that app gets access to. So you could create one private app that only accesses products and when you provide the API details to the third party there access will be limited.

However, if you are connecting through a public app then by default the app gets access to last 60 days' worth of orders for a store:



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Thanks for your help Tom, In my case is a public app and you clarified what I had understood. It just seems like a lack of security that Shopify doesn't provide more options regarding access to orders, products and collections. It would be logical that I should be able to limit third party access to a specific set of products and orders or anything that only apply to that channel. 

In my case, I wanted to add a third party app like Oberlo but I didnt want them to be able to see all my existing data that it does not need to access.


Thanks for the clarifications.