Add a "Add app to Store" button on my website (similar to Facebook Login button for Facebook apps)

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I am trying out the Shopify APIs and apps. I successfully connected an app to a development store and can fetch data from that store.

The OAuth consent screen link to add the App to a Store has the following format ( https://${shop}/admin/oauth/authorize?client_id=${apikey}&scope=${scopes}&redirect_uri=${redirectUri}&state=state&grant_options[]=offline ). So, if I want to automatically generate a button that will prompt a merchant to add my App to their Store, first I would need to know their store domain.

Is it possible to skip knowing their store name and add a Button that will take them to Shopify and the merchants can select which store they want to add my App?

Facebook provides a Login Button ( which provides this experience and I would like to have something similar.

So, how may I achieve this?