Add accessories while purchasing a product

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We're trying to find the right app to help setup a flow similar to this page... (see screenshot).


Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 2.50.58 PM.png


On our main product page, we want the customer to be able to add on optional accessories (which are individual shopify products themselves) with select tick-boxes.  


Then when they select add to cart, the cart is loaded with the main product plus the accessory products (if they chose any).  All as unique line items in the cart, matching to their corresponding SKUs.


All I seem to find are apps that offer "customization" fields.  But these all seem to be added on as "notes" to the checkout, not as products themselves, if that makes sense.


Is there a recommended app in the marketplace that could handle this?


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Does this app suite your needs?

If you’re looking for something custom. I’d be happy to build this into your theme if you’d like. I’ve set this up for various clients. Here’s an example where we have a checkbox to add an “extra power supply”
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