Add custom attribute to the product

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I am new to Shopify app development, I am not sure if I got correct concept on Shopify app mechanism.

My use case is

  1. Add a button in Product detail page
  2. Show Popup
  3. Customers input some data
  4. AJAX call to App(Server?) and response the result
  5. Use the response result as custom attribute, and add to cart
  6. After checkout, Admin can view the custom attribute in Orders.

My questions are as below:

  1. For step 1 to step 4
    1. Should I use ScriptTag to create the button and its action?
  2. For step 4,
    1. For the AJAX request, should I use App Proxy to call the App API?
    2. Should I use Ruby as the programming language?
  3. For step 5,
    1. How to add custom attributes to the product? Any reference link?
  4. For step 6,
    1. How to visit the custom attributes in Orders in Shopify Admin?
      1. Is it by Embedded SDK?

Thanks a lot!!