Add hidden product to order via API to send to warehouse software

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I'm currently working with a 3PL and want to use custom packaging to ship my products in when they leave the warehouse. The custom mailer is setup as a product in my store known as Kraft Mailer.


The warehouse is saying I can build an API connection, and the app would send over the Kraft Mailer as a line item in the order, albeit hidden from the customer view, so the warehouse's software knows to use the Kraft Mailer as the custom packaging. They have provided API information that would help my developer.


But, the developer has not been able to figure this out. He has also consulted with a colleague of his who has written many Shopify apps and the colleague states:

"He explained to me that it's not possible to add product after or during checkout via API, only add javascript script and add product lIke i tried it before."


So the dev and his dev colleague don't believe this connection can be made but the warehouse is saying it to be true. Does anyone have any history or knowledge on something like this and can help provide insight on what I might be missing?

Thanks in advance.