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So  a while back I saw a site that had items for sale with variants and it had an add on feature. Say something that goes with the item for example if it was a pair of sunglasses it had 4 choices, one was a cheap glasses case for +$2 the second was a better case for $3 and so on. I have spent the last week trying to find an app or another way to do this. Also the price for the add on item with the glasses was less than the cost of the case if you purchased it separately. Any ideas?


btw I have seen the apps that do it when you add to cart as a pop up but I want one that is below the variants and they just select it and hit add to cart and it adds the original item and add on item to the cart. 

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This is an accepted solution.



W3 Trends offers a Product Accessories app that you may be interested in:

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They display "Accessory" products on the product page instead of in a pop up after the product is added to the cart.
You can check out their example store HERE

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Upsell Add-Ons might work better for you. It allows you to add add-on products to specific product pages, and display those add-ons on the cart page if the customer hasn't added them. It's flexible and no coding is required.

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Just chiming in with another solution.


SellUp allows for variant based upsells right underneath the buy box. You can also change the product titles to Call To Actions, very powerful for getting results.

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Hello, sorry to jump on someone else's post.

We are looking for a product add on that allows the user to be presented with different addons based on the product variation.

We offer art prints in multiple sizes, but want them to be variations. We then want the customer to be able to choose an appropriately sized frame based on the size of print from selecting a variation

Link to website