Add product specific info to include in order confirmation email?

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I would like the option to include instructions specific to a product along with the product so that when a customer buys the product, the instructions are included in their confirmation email.


Specifically, for an e-book (e-course) set, we have product instructions including how to use the product along with a link to an unlisted web resource (video) that is included with the e-course and specific login information for that video resource.


With our prior store software, we were able to include a "delivery message" in a separate field in the product description that would be included in the order confirmation email ONLY of the customer ordered that product.


Is there a Shopify App designed to do this? (Or something similar?)


I know it is possible to make something. I'm just not a programmer and prefer to use an existing solution if possible.


Thanks! Mike

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I haven't tried it, but the Digital Downloads app might be what you need. (It's developed by Shopify and is no extra cost.)