Adding description to product variants

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5 years ago a client had this specific requirement. Looked strange at first, why would you need to have additional descriptions for variants? I was wrong, many merchants need to display different descriptions for different variants.

Can be a different shipping time, preorder message, mentioning various variant information or telling users how exactly the variants differ.

My first attempt was a hardcoded solution. You can see the original post in the Shopify forums:

It's a long post, many store owners were interested in implementing this solution. This will still work but only if you need to do it for few products. On large stores, this solution will not scale.

I have a better and more robust solution. It is an app. It does exactly this, lets merchants adding variant descriptions.


I believe that there are may many ways merchants can benefit from this. If you want to give it a test or see a demo, please go to

You have a nice free trial and the app is free for development and Shopify employees.


Happy to respond to any technical or app-related questions.

Thank you

Finally—Add variant descriptions to your products