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Hello,  I keep getting emails from Adszilla regarding a Shopify app that helps bring visitors to the website.  I can't find any reviews about them.  Has anyone tried this app in their Shop?

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If they are sending you a bunch of spam I'd question if that's the kind of business you want to get involved with.

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I've just searched *Adszilla* to complain about it.

I'm receiving around four spams per day from Dan Rubbins at Adszilla. Proudly telling me he's a Shopify Partner.

He ends his rubbish with this sign off:

Dan Rubbins
AdsZilla Co-Founder
Shopify Partner
Google Certified Expert


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Is this powered by Shopify? Because I kid you not, this spam is wrecking my flow. 

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I agree. It’s annoying as all heck. I’m getting it too.