Advice for migration to Shopify Platform with a selling hybrid mobile app

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Hello All members / support of Shopify,


For your reference I already have a functional prototype mobile application for sell products with kind of discount. The core of the app is this:  various sales companies register to my app a create a sale to an interested final client.  The companies create a sale from a Web app and share the sale to all persons that have the mobile app. The mobile app has a really pretty UX design, and I have shown it to several banks and companies and they have shown great interest in the visual design and flow of the mobile app just waiting for production.

All I want to do is to migrate my backend to Shopify Platform and use my front mobile app as it works. Why migrate? Cause the powerful of the Shopify tools and supports that add values to the companies and clients.

I need your recommendations to know how is the best way to migrate to the Shopify platform.


What functional modules do I have now? :

  • Login, user creation with email and password (Multiuser). (Commerce and final client)
  • A Form where the company is able to create a sale with image
  • Statistics of sales
  • Expirations sales

All of this is stored in Django frame, and the App is hybrid built with Ionic.


What I would like to add with Shopify? :

  • Automation Cart shop flow
  • Payment Gateways (like Stripe for the PCI terms)
  • Statistics apps for metrics
  • Forms to create a sale with preview
  • home delivery flow of the products
  • And among others


All I would like to know are your recommendations, how continue and kick out to production as soon as possible in order to avoid the recreate a wheel.


It will be very helpful if you have experience developing and integrating systems and would like help us to do a smooth final product with Shopify.


Best regards,

Romel R. Rosero