Affiliate Marketing commission rate per product and automatic payment process App

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Is there someone who can recommend an App to help with affiliate marketing referral fee/commission set-up per item/product and automatic commission payment/refund process outlined below?

  1. How to set-up different percentage rate commission based on the sale price for each item/product? Some of the product prices will be in the local currency and some products will be in a different (foreign) currency based on where the supplier is located.
  2. When the buyer pays for the products, how can the commission say 10% be paid into my bank account automatically and 90% of the total sale price to be paid directly into the supplier’s bank account who will receive the buyer’s payment as part of the purchasing process?
  3. When the supplier issue a refund to the buyer, how can the commission that was paid to me in item 2 be refunded back to the supplier as part of the refund process?
  4. Some of the suppliers have an online store via Shopify but other suppliers do not use Shopify. How can the scenarios outlined in items 1 to 3 be set-up for both Shopify and non-Shopify suppliers including some suppliers without their own website to process the purchase/refund transactions?
  5. How can I show all the products from different suppliers for both Shopify and non-Shopify suppliers including suppliers without a website in my Shopify online store?
  6. How can the products in my Shopify store be linked to the supplier’s Shopify store or web site so the products update they make (e.g. if they add/delete products) will automatically appear in my Shopify store?
  7. How can I automatically transfer 10% of the commission paid to me in item 2 be transferred into another (different) bank account?