Affiliate URL for Partnership

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Hi Community! I have a question regarding an Affiliate Partnership I have started with a local business owner. We have agreed to sell my products out of his studio, so I would like to create an additon to my URL so that we can share my website and I can track which orders came from him. I am hoping to do something like business)

Is this possible to do? Is there a specific app that does this? I have been searching the Affiliate Apps, but it looks like the affiliate/partner would need to sign up for the affiliate program and have a URL assigned to them. 

I'm trying to make things as simple as possible so customers can simply add his business name as an extension to my URL and easily access my site. I'd like to place this on fliers in his studio and not clear on how to do it. I tried to find the Affiliate Tools dashboard mentioned in the help section, but I'm not sure how to get to it or access it. I'm so lost in this process. Someone, please help!