After Months of Searching I still cannot find an app that ........

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pulls inventories from my suppliers website (they don't use feeds/files) and list it on my shopify shop. I use two manufacturers and both websites are password protected. 

I am sure there is something out there but finding it is the problem and I thought this would be the best

place to find such software. 

Please post if you know of any. 

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Hi Novi,

This sounds like a job for a web scraper app.

If the websites are well structured, this is something that could be automated and integrated into your store via a private app.

Are the manufactures supplying many shopify merchants if so, it might prove a compelling case for a public app (listed in the shopify app store).

if this is something you'd be interested in getting built, please feel free to contact me and I'll see what I can do for you.


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-- Kind regards, JP
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Be aware of the fact that most companies that have inventory like this, will promptly and unceremoniously remove your account forever if you break their terms of service and scrape inventory. 

I have built this type of mechanism out and it is indeed a risky venture. First off, building a decent scraper to extract useful inventory data takes a mighty effort (boring work too). Secondly, you cannot really hide your scraping efforts. You login as a script, and scrape. Anyone examining the logs will know right away you were scraping, not being a human visitor. 

So ya. Go ahead. Build a public App to scrape. You will almost certainly fail to make a dime. There is no generic scrape pattern as every vendor is different, hence you lose time/money there and you will be breaking terms of service agreements. Not a great business plan...

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Did you ever decide on web same boat..still seeking help

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What kind of help do you need?

  • legal help to inform you of the contract you may/may not be breaking by scraping
  • help building a scraper

Be specific, it will be easier to help you.

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