Aftership Returns Center USPS Labels Package Types & Dimensions

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So I signed up for Aftership Returns Center - I created a Postmen account connected to USPS.

So in the 'Auto-label generation' settings, one of the things it asks is the Package type (Package, Custom, Soft Pack, etc) and the dimensions.  I was testing a shirt & chose Soft Pack & used dimensions that I thought made general sense.... but got an error because I didn't use whatever the actual dimensions for that pkg type were.

Okay - so if I'm not sure WHAT kind of pkg the customer will use (their own box, the bag it was originally delivered in, etc) - and in fact the email notification stipulates they can indeed use their own box.... how should I fill this out?

Should I just select 'Custom' & add reasonable dimensions?  Is there a big cost increase for doing so?  I'm just not sure how to proceed here?