Agile Bundler - issue with display on checkout

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After purchasing a bundle (created through the Agile app), in the confirmation email the discount before the subtitle displays with some odd coding "" BE ALL-OF-ME SET&QUOT" (see attached image). The bundle itself is named BE all-of-ME.

I contacted Agile about it, and they said "This is related to how the Shopify Checkout system is able to process certain characters used in the name of your Bundle. Please speak to Shopify Support for further assistance with this, as this is built into the native Shopify platform."

Any thoughts about how to fix this? Thanks in advance!

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Hey @Jen18,

This probably happens because the app creates discount codes with non-standard characters in your Shopify admin and uses them at checkout. I'd recommend using a modern bundle app like the PickyStory app for bundle upsell. It allows you to quickly bundle products together and sell them together with a single click. Shoppers can choose any variant of any product in the bundle before adding the bundle to the cart. It's fully customizable and doesn't require any coding.

Here's an example:


Hope this helps!