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Hi everyone, I've been looking at the various review apps available and have tried some. My products are a little unique in that they are bespoke individual items in collections so I pretty much always only have one of each product. As such I don't really want reviews at the product level as I will always only have up to one review per product.


I've been trying to find a solution to allow customers to leave a review for a collection and see reviews already written about that collection. Perhaps I'd display this below the product grid or similar. But all the review apps seem to be product aligned only. Does anyone have any tips for how I could implement this?


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Are you saying you want the collection reviews to be shown up on the product page -- and to hide/not show any product reviews?

This sounds like something that can easily be done by altering theme code, an app feels like overkill.

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Just as a heads up if you go down this route to make sure you don't fall foul of Google because they are a bit touchy about aggregate collection reviews (see this article ).


You might need to be careful about how you do your JSON-LD Reviews Schema or rather how any reviews app you use handles it.

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