Alternative app for Beeketing Mobile Gallery

It was part of the Mobile Converter app. Haven't been able to find an alternative yet, any one got any suggestions? There are plenty of sticky add to cart bars available but haven't found any mobile galleries. When you search on the app store, they are usually custom galleries but the Mobile Gallery by Beeketing just took your existing product pictures and put them in a gallery for mobile users then added an add to cart bar at the bottom of the gallery. You can see what I'm talking about here:



It just added a 'show gallery' button to the page then when you clicked that, it went to a full screen image with an add to cart bar at the bottom like this.



When you click options, it lets you choose the variant you want to buy.

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@Infernox  Have you found a similar app to this yet as I'm also looking for an alternative.  If yes, would appreciate if you could share the app name.  Thanks!