Amazon Sales Channel Listing Issues

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I have just recently been trying to publish listings on Shopify to Amazon through their sales channel app, but I've run into a few different snags that I can't seem to get a solid answer on. First, the app seems to require any listing I try to publish to have a variant, even when the Shopify listing itself does not. I'd select the product I want to publish, alter the title, description, keywords, etc as needed, but the "Publish" button will remain grayed out until I add a variant... Why does it do this? Customer support said that it requires a variant (which makes zero sense to me), so I figured I'd make one variant (that just is the product itself). But now when the listing is published to Amazon, it creates a "primary" listing with the one variant beneath it... and neither are populating any of the images correctly... Am I doing something wrong...?

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