Amazon Seller Central App - Product Listing Error - Error 8560

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Hello Shopify tech gurus, I need help with the Amazon Seller Central app.


Here's the changes I recently made to my Shopify Store.  I believe all of the following were all completed successfully:

  1. Setup my Amazon Seller Central Account, paid the $40/month fee to list products
  2. Installed the Shopify Amazon App
  3. Purchased 1000x UPC / EAN codes (for $200, which I believe you can get on ebay for like $10...oops)
  4. Got the integration to Shopify and the Amazon Seller Account "in sync".

Here's my problem:

When I go to list a one of my Shopify Products as a listing on Amazon, I get this error:

Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 9.05.13 AM.png


Here's what I think I know / troubleshooting steps I've tried :

  1. It seems to have something to do with ASIN numbers or product SKUs not matching.
  2. My UPC  codes appear to be valid
  3. I believe I input all the UPC / EAN codes in correctly into each of the 9 product variants
  4. My UPC code provider is unresponsive on support requests (
  5.  It also seems that Shopfiy OR Amazon is auto generating SKUs for me (I've attempted to use the ones provided and create new ones which are my own).
  6. We are the manufacturer and the brand of the product + variants that are being sold
  7. I have done no linking of any UPC code to my brand / manufacturer name.
  8. When I try to delete the listing in Shopify > Amazon, it doesn't get erased.  Like I only had a first chance to get it right as it runs the algorithm for generating all the details for importing into Amazon.

Ultimately, the listing does not get published to Amazon Seller Central.  I'd like to sell my products on Amazon and I'm paying for the service.


Any thoughts?  Thanks in advance!




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Did you get this fixed. Had the same issue. Put products in manually and it worked. BUT the ones I had previously attempted would not work!

Any help would be appreciated as we both know the Amazon customer service is hard to understand.

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Thanks for your reply jbaxter

Honestly, I didn’t have any more time to investigate putting products into Amazon manually. I’m going to have difficult dedicating time to creating listings in both marketplaces.

So to confirm what you said, you attempted:
1) The Amazon-Shopify App plug in and it failed.
2) Then you just used the Amazon seller platform and manually created all your listings in their ecosystem?

Now that there are two of us, maybe we can join forces and tackle together? Let me know. Happy to tag team this issue and get things working.

Talk soon,
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Ive been on this for a month!!!

I had to do the brand registry first because we have our own brand. Got the UPC's, the manual listings went live, but the listing I once already attempted were stopped.

Manually was better than the headache with Shopify app.