Amending a PixelPrinter template

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Hello there,

I posted this in the app section but was hoping to resolve ASAP...

I just wondered if anyone knew if there's a variable that can be used on the invoice to show the actual date of order on a PixelPrinter template?

I've only just realised that when we print out invoices we're showing the date of the day we're printing, which can be a few days later that when the order arrived.

The code in our template is:

<p style="float: right">
 {{ "now" | date: "%d/%m/%y" }}

Not a massive problem, but when a customer calls with an query, it's easier to track if we can also look for the ACTUAL order date on our printed invoices.

Would appreciate any tips!


Shopify Staff
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Hi Simon,

That's an excellent question and I believe that the answer is un-documented. We will remediate this.

To show the date of the order use this:

{{ created_at | date: "%d/%m/%y" }}

Let me know if that works as intended in PixelPrinter.



Caroline from ∴ mllegeorgesand AT gmail DOT com
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Hi Caroline,

That works perfectly!

Thank you!