An App to Track Orders with referral IDs

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Good Day,

Looking to add a affiliate selling element into our business. We've tried to scour for existing Shopify Apps but I'm not sure if they work for us.

We've developed a CRM on our end which looks beautiful and meets the visual and functional needs for our affiliates but we have some issues from the Shopify end on this (things we didn't think about earlier)

We're open to using apps or building custom solutions that can do the following

  1. Track Sales to the respective affiliate:
    • This would mean some sort of Referral Links that we give them and anyone who buys from such links gets tracked to them)
  2. Tracking Order updates to affiliates:
    • We want the orders to not just be tracked on checkout but also in instances of refunds, cancellations, etc. 

Any ideas and suggestions on how this could be achieved are appreciated as well but in case you can offer a solution (custom / pre-built), I'm still all ears.


Muhammad Bilal.

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Do you have any API to your CRMs?  Do you want this data to go into your CRM?

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