An App to specify what other apps load on the homepage?

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Hi there,

We seems to be having a lot s page speed issues mobile. We have removed some apps and it hasn't made any difference to mobile.


Is there any app that we can use to specify what other apps load on the homepage, and specifically mobile so we can only load what is needed on the homepage when needed?



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Hi, Tim is here from KAD::Systems. 

We can develop such an application. I read the requirements carefully. I see the implementation as a list of apps that have implemented their scripts, and the ability to disable the scripts of certain apps on different store pages separately for the mobile and desktop version. We need at least 100 merchants who will need such an app. If you help us find them, it will be forever free for you and we will develop it considering your requirements. 

Would you be interested? 

KAD::Systems - Shopify Apps Developer

Hello @thetoolman,

Our Swift app surely can help you to improve your site speed along with free analysis and suggestions.

Please let us know if you are still looking for a resolution. 

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