An app for tracking unlisted couriers or freight trains?

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We're currently using a method with our suppliers in China to ship items on board a frieght train. However we are unable to give our customers a decent enough tracking solution due to the fact that the freight train tracking website is in Chinese.

Entering the UPS tracking ID into this system allows customers to view their shipment every step of the way until it enters europe, but with it being completely in Chinese it makes it impossible for them to understand it without using Google translate.

Countless searching and experimenting with different tracking apps have been fruitless and we are stuck with answering every customers question of "where is my package" on an almost hourly basis.

Does anybody know of an app that can track freight trains or that can integrate with the Chinese website and our own in some sort of app that shows an easy to read simple display like Parcel panel does for example?

Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks.