An app to schedule prices changes for your store products

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Hi, store owners! My name is Francesco and I am here to introduce my first (and free) app on the Shopify store. The name is Ahia! - Easy Price Changer. It was featured on the home page as new and noteworthy app.


You can find it here:


You can use it to schedule price changes for your store products. Maybe for a specific promotion (like black friday) or because you want to raise prices after a market research.

With Ahia! - Easy Price Changer you can:


  • change prices for ALL the store products without doing it by hand, or change prices for specific collections or products;
  • decide a date to automatically restore the old prices, so you don't have to do it manually;
  • enable the old and new prices comparison, so your customers know that a promotion is going on (when I used it for my store, conversion rate was better);
  • decide what kind of price change you want to set up (fixed amount or a percentage change);

This is my first app on the store, I am sure I can improve it a lot. Let me know if you have feedbacks, every new idea is welcome if I can improve it!

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Nice app and the scheduler works great.

However, as soon as the price update started, it got stuck on 7%

How to fix this?

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Hi! :)


Thanks a lot for using the app. Leave a message at with the name of your store. I will gladly take a look to understand what's going on!