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Hi. I am using the Impulse theme to create a site. We want to use the announcement bar as a menu and was looking for recommendations for apps to use to do this. We are looking for the following functionality:

1. we would like 3 different headings in the announcement bar all linking to different pages 

2. we want to be able to customize the bar so that one heading is left justified to the edge of the page, the 2nd is centrally justified and the 3rd is right justified to the edge of the page. 

I look forward to hearing your suggestions! Thanks in advance 

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You can achieve this with custom code.
You have to create an option under header with three check-boxes and with each checkbox list of pages with other settings, so admin can make choice and select announcement bar.


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Thank you for this advise. I know that there are apps available that will allow me to customize the announcement bar. For the moment, we are happy to use an app. If anyone has any advise or recommendations about apps that we can use, please let me know. Thanks