Any Alternative To PirateShip That Offer Simple Export Rate (International First Class)?

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So I learned today that PirateShip, which I have been using for years outsourced their Simple Export Rate First Class International Postage to some company called Asendia, which I briefly read is a complete mess.  Basically now you ship your package to a warehouse domestically and they slap your international label on it.  I don't like this idea AT ALL, basically your putting your international business in the hands of a warehouse worker and hoping they do their job right and put the right label on your package.  I don't need the help and I think this is a big mistake.  So now I've had to raise my international prices back up.  For 2 lb shipments and under it's not THAT much of an increase but 3 to 4 lb shipments have now doubled in cost going back to regular First Class International.

Does anyone know of another shipping service that offers the Simple Export Rate for First Class International, where it does not go through a third party sorting center and just allows you to print out the customs form at the cheaper rate?