Any low stock alerts by location apps? aka stock transfer recommendation

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Hi Shopify Gurus,


I need a solution to alert me when stock at our retail location is running low. But only IF I have stock of that product in our warehouse. Basically IF Product Qty <2 at Location A, AND Qty >1 at Location B = send email alert.


I can then use this email as the basis for a stock transfer and send replen over to the store.


So far I can only find low stock alert apps set by collections or product filters etc., but not with the above location feature. I know I can get this in ERP or WMS systems but I just want a basic alert, which seems like a simple request?


Anything like this exist?

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This sounds quite easy to implement using Shopify's Inventory Levels API. Have you spoken to any developer yet about this? If not, I can probably build this for you in quick order as a private app. Let me know.