App Bridge not initialising if linked from another app page

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Hi guys,

not sure what I'm doing wrong here, but here's the scenario:

Let's say an embedded app has 3 pages (A dashboard, B settings, C stats for example). 

Only stats (C) loads/uses the app bridge.

If stats is linked from dashboard or settings the app bridge isn't initialising.
If stats is loaded "directly" (by manually specifying the link in the URL bar) App Bridge is loaded fine.

In other words if the link to stats is clicked from within the embedded iFrame App Bridge is not working.

I tried using forceRedirect = true, no change.

I tried specifying various link formats to stats (full URL, relative URL, different version of a relative URL), doesn't work.

Using the app bridge's redirect method doesn't work either (of course), because app bridge doesn't seem to be
initialized properly. 

app.error() isn't triggered.

PS: by "not working/not initialising" I refer to the Button and Toast I use for testing purposes not showing.