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Hi everyone!

I'm looking for an app that offers a unique discount coupon code (via receipt) that is automatically sent once a customer has purchased a product.
I would also like the receipt to recommend a "best-seller product" from the shop in the receipt. I read about an app called Conversio (aka Receiptful) but it doesn't seem like it's operational.

Any suggestions?


Hi @tyroinvestor , 

In this case, you could use an email marketing app to create a sequence triggering after a customer buys a product. You can check out Klaviyo and their tutorial on how to do it here: With this email, you could put pretty much anything in it, receipt, coupon code, "best-seller section".

Another app that would do the job is Omnisend, here is their documentation about how to create a post-purchase email: 

Unfortunately, I don't think they could send a unique discount code per customer, However, you can check the "action" and "view" statistics of the email to understand more about your customers.

In case you want to have a customized product page, then these apps are integrated with a page builder like PageFly.

If you find this helpful or have further questions, let me know!


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Hey @tyroinvestor, I hope you are doing well!

You can achieve all of this with an all-in-one Shopify app AiTrillion. To send an automatic email you need to set up an automatic workflow and you can then edit & customize the email as you want. AiTrillion has a pre-built workflow of purchase follow-up. 

You can refer to these articles for more: 


If you have any questions or need help with the setup you can reply here or contact support at



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Hey @tyroinvestor ,

We are a Canadian based team developing a post purchase discount app.

We are still in development but we would love to build this exact app with you so you can give unique, and personalize discount promotions to your customers .

We will give this app to you for free, in return for your feedback.

if you are interested in collaborating with us, please email me at and we can chat further.

have a good night!



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Thank you all for the feedback. I found an app that fit my needs but appears to have been phased out. The app was known as Conversio (formerly known as Receiptful). 

I found an app that fit my needs but appears to have been phased out. The app was known as Conversio (formerly known as Receiptful). 

The two (2) primary features I'm looking for in the app is to provide the customer a receipt post-purchase. On that receipt, a unique discount coupon code is provided to the customer (Feature #1). This discount code only needs to be valid/active for approx. two (2) weeks.

The other primary feature I'm seeking is for the app to provide an analytical component by way of an algorithm that ensures every receipt sent also features a "Recommended Product" (Feature #2). This would likely require store analysis in order to determine which product is the best seller (i.e. the product people are most likely to come back and buy). This product can also be listed right on the receipt along with the discount code