App To Charge Later - Does it exist?

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So there are a ton of recurring billing apps. All of these are designed as a subscription-based service where customers can signup for a subscription and get billed every X days/weeks/months. I've installed about 5 of them, and each are designed and worded specifically for "recurring" subscriptions.  The use case, and language in the apps can not be edited to fit my use case.

My use case is a trial period where I want to capture a customer's credit card, and bill them only once at a later date. So for example, Try it Free for 14 days - and then bill on the 14th day.

This is not a subscription. This is not recurring. This is a one time only later date billing scenario. 

Are there any apps that will do this?

Looking for feedback please.


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Hi Chris,

From my experience all these apps use their own payment gateway built into them, where a payment is charged externally to Shopify using the Shopify hosted SDK- ;

If you wanted to build your own private app app you might like to reach out to the expert dev's to help you build that-

An alternative that might be useful would be to use the Shopify draft order section to send on a custom built invoice to your customers with a secure checkout link to make a once off payment-

It would be important to consider that many gateways only allow a certain amount of time for you to be able to capture a payment, for example Shopify Payments provide 7 days

Warm regards,

Anne :)