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Hello everyone !


I'm currently making a custom app to get the feed of the user from instagram and display it on the store. My idea was to use Polaris to create the components with react. 

For what I have gathers what I want my app to do in the merchant page is add a new section, but my app will need to have some configurations that the user will have to set. Like for example the api key for instagram. 

But at the moment the things that are blocking me are: 

  1. Don't know how to generate the the page in shopify admin so the user can set there instagram key.
  2. How does my app add itself to the marchant page.
  3. How do I add environment variables so my app can write and read them.
  4. Do I have to host the react components or does shopify gives us some options. 
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Hi AbeKazerian,


Most of your questions (1, 2, and 3) will be answered if you follow this tutorial:


You'll need to host the app yourself.

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