App for Social Media tags in exchange for discounts/credit?

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I'm looking for an app that rewards customers for sharing photos of our products / tagging us in those posts on social media.


Maybe I'm not searching for the right terms or maybe I'm overlooking a hurdle I just don't realize that's in the way?


Any ideas?

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Checkout FarOut app. It should fulfill your need. 

A quick 2-min video on how it works: 

It is the first platform that allows every typical customer to promote your products by sharing a CUSTOM post (not a generic link) on their social media, like a (nano/micro) influencer, in exchange for a discount from the store.

A win/win, hassle free strategy for both sides: stores & customers.

  • A store can create their campaign in less than 1–2 minutes by just deciding on the reward
  • And a customer needs to pick a photo and write a comment; then the platform will automatically create a ready-to-share photo that includes their photo, comment, rating, an automatic-generate discount code, and the store’s website, social media page and hashtags.
  • The platform automatically tracks the customer's post, validates it, and activates the discount code that can be used by both the current customer and their followers (new customers).

Let me know if interested ( I'm also offering a special offer for our early adopters.