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Hey Everyone,

I'm looking for an app that will show our *mentions, tweets, and tags* from social media. I don't want to show my own social media feeds, I want to show what OTHER people are saying about us. Like this:

Anyone know any good apps for that?



Josie Elfassy

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Hi Josie,

My name is Ardiane, a Guru here at Shopify!

While I can't see the link that you've sent there, an app that can help you with showing what your customers are saying on social media fees is this Kudobuzz Testimonials and Reviews app. It collects and displays customer testimonials and reviews from your social media pages!

I hope that helps!

- Ardiane :)

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Hi Josie,

With Scope.LA you can pull in many different types of feeds, including Hashtag feeds. Its a free app, give it a try

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If *mentions, tweets, and tags* are important for you; why not you encourage every of your customers to share a custom post and mentions your store page and hashtags?

FarOut is the app that you can achieve this. It encourages your customers to share a custom post on their choice of social media. The app makes things easy for your customers by auto generating a ready-to-share photo that includes your customer's choice of photo, review, and rating, plus your store’s website, social media page, and hashtags.

By using FarOut app, you not only increases your social *mentions, tags* by your own customers but also you can collect their posts, review, rating like a mini-Yelp page. You also have the chance to share it anywhere you want.   

Btw, it has one-month free trial.