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Hi everyone. 


I have a webshop where i sell furnitures. I do sometimes have a delivery time that's a couple of weeks due to a popular product is out of stock and i have to get them home from my supplier. 


Due to this i was wondering if anyone knows a efficient way/app that can tell costumers what the deliverytime is for a product. It could be a dot on the product page that was green if delivery is 1-3 days, yellow when 3-7 days delivery and red when over a week. 


It's something similar to this i am interested in since i don't want to lose out on sales on my most sold products due to them being out of stock for a while, and some costumer still want to buy the item eventhough the delivery is longer. 


As of now i am putting the delivery week in the title, but i'm afraid it scares people away from my site when browsing to see it this way. 


I hope some of you understand my question and have a good suggestion for which app to use to do something like this. 


I would really appriciate the help!




How this delivery time will vary for the products. Is there any fixed ratio you are having that the products will show the delivery time. 

When out of stock then its ok but when they are not out of stock then how will you show the time. 


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