App for reducing chargebacks

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Hi there,

I'm a co-founder at Flux, we are a digital receipt company in the UK. Our receipts sit neatly within the transaction view of a customer's banking app.

We work with a range of merchants, both online and offline, such as KFC, Just Eat, Papa John's, Itsu and many more. We're doing a hackathon and we want to build a Shopify app! We would love to hear your feedback on whether our receipts would be useful to you.

As a Shopify merchant you would be able to enable Flux. Then when customers make a purchase they can view their receipt instantly within their banking app. Receipts would include your store name, logo and full item level info on the purchase. This is how the receipt will look in a banking app


We believe this solution is complementary to email receipting, as it means the customer has a neat collection of receipts that live in one of their most frequently used apps - their bank.

Our aim is to provide convenience and a reduction in chargebacks, especially those that result from confusion on what the transaction may have been once customers view it on their bank statement.

If you would take 2min and fill in this form - we'd really appreciate your feedback!

Thank you so much for your help, we hope to bring Flux to you soon!