App is rejected. There are many similar apps approved on the store.

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My app was rejected today. Here is the message from the reviewer:


"As outlined in section 1.A.9 of our app store requirements, apps that connect merchants to marketplaces can't host those marketplaces on Shopify, or turn merchant stores into marketplaces. "


We do not connect to any marketplace. We simply let other sellers sell on client's stores.


There are many other similar apps currently running on the app store. Any suggestions, how can we get approved?

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"We simply let other sellers sell on client's stores."

by this, you are turning merchant stores (hosted on Shopify) into marketplaces, which is prohibited by the app store requirement below.


But I hear you, there are apps that are doing this, so it's either the requirement does not apply retroactively, or there is something else in the middle.

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Can someone from Shopify look into this issue and provide an answer? That would be helpful.


Our app allows sellers to increase their inventory by asking other non-shopify users to submit their products. There are many apps in current app store who do this. We are not creating any marketplace.


I hope that Shopify uses same rules for every app developer. If my app is rejected, then why do I see so many other apps doing similar or even more things like this:


If we should change our messaging, or description, then please help me.

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My app is more like a dropshipping app. Here is the flow:


1. A seller wants to have more products on his/her store

2. This seller wants to put products from other vendors (not on shopify) on his/her store

3. But this seller does not want to hold the inventory. He just wants to show their products, let them handle the shipping etc, and share the margin.

4. My app allows the seller to do this on shopify


I am not sure why the review team rejected the app. Can I open a ticket with them? Or open a discussion with them? There seems to be no way to open a discussion with them (if the app is rejected)


Here are other dropshipping apps doing similar things (even more):