App/method to do sales/discounts quickly

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Hello, I was wondering is there was an app that remembers sale prices and normal prices so you can switch between sale and normal prices in 2 seconds. Or is there a method to do this?

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I didn't see one in the app store but I'd be more than happy to build one for you.

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Hey Nathan,

I'm afraid there is no fast solution in order to change the price in 2 seconds using Shopify. But we have our own app, which is very popular in Sales section of Apps Store.

It's called Bulk Discounts & Sales Scheduler and allows you to set up discounts for products in a few clicks with a bulk discounts tool and switch between prices.

Schedule sales for holidays, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, any sales.

Add special Sale labels to products with discounts and make them more perceivable.

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Hey Nathan,

Recently, we released a new discount app that applies discounts for thousands of products in a few seconds. Now it possible to switch between sale and normal prices in 5 seconds :)

Apply discounts for thousands of products in a few seconds:
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I know the thread is old but I recently developed an app for this purpose: "Ahia! - Easy Price Changer".


You can find it here:


You can do a lot of things with it:


  • percentage changes, specific amount changes (example: raise prices $3 for all products) or set a specific amount (example: set specific products prices to $9.99);
  • change prices for all products, one or more collections, one or more vendors, specific products, products within a specific price range, products with one or more specific tags;
  • way to set the "old price" as compare at price, so your customers can see that there's a discount;
  • way to round prices automatically to the nearest $.99;
  • way to restore old prices after a while (perfect for black friday stuff);

A lot of new features are being developed and will be released soon.