App or report to get profit of a certain group collection or season...

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Looking to get profit of a group of variants (100), per example a collection/ season. How can I get a report for profit for a group of items? They have  similar SKU (starting the same, and going in numerical order)



Hi there, not sure how you can get it on Shopify Analytics as you would have to create custom rules.

It's however something you can easily get done on Polar Analytics as we integrate with Shopify and 15+ other apps like Facebook, GA, Google Ads, Tiktok, Pinterest, etc.

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Hi @gypsy-beach ,

Tiia here from Better Reports support team.

Yes, I would recommend our app Better Reports for this. We can create a custom report that filters for a specified collection or product tag and lists the sales metrics by the products within that collection/tag along with their assigned SKU.  Additionally, we can also create a report that lists the sales metrics by SKU. All of our reports can be exported directly as csv, pdf, or Excel.

You can also schedule a report to be sent automatically to your email or Google Drive at a regular cadence (say weekly/monthly/quarterly).

I encourage you to install Better Reports and start your free 14-day trial and I'll be happy to set this up for you.

Let me know how you go and feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.