App recommendation & Suggestion for up-sell and urgency

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Hi Shopify community,


I'm looking for some apps (preferably free) that would perform the below essentials. I like the features on the sugarandcotton store, if someone knows which app their using please share. Thank you!


  1. Once you enter the store, a pop-up appears and offers a discount code in exchange for their email info etc.
  2. Shows an amount of inventory left and countdown timer on the product page.
  3. A continuous popup that appears on the bottom saying a customer just purchased an item.


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Hi there, I'm Sarosha from Aiva. I can definitely help you accomplish 1). 


With our app you can easily design a pop-up which offers a discount code in exchange for an email. Our high-performing lead gen campaigns often see 20%+ conversion rates (due to the design and targeting). It's free and we're here for you - reach out on Livechat if you have any questions. 



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